Tihomir Gvero

Designer and Developer at Gvero's Pintokyo Games
phone: +41 76 567 95 22
email: tihomir.gvero@gmail.com

Short Biography

Tihomir Gvero holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from EPFL, Switzerland, and a Master’s degree also in Computer Science from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. During the PhD studies he worked with the professor Viktor Kuncak and implemented Java and Scala assistance and testing tools. In summer 2010, he did an internship in Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA where he worked with Nikolai Tillmann on Microsoft Visual Studio (in particular Pex, a tool for automated software testing). In summer 2007, he did an internship at UIUC, USA where he worked with the professor Darko Marinov on automated testing. Between September 2015 and June 2017 he was working at Itecor as a Big Data Consultant and IT Developer. In July 2017, he joined Credit Suisse where he worked as a Data Engineer and Analyst. In 2019, he founded Gvero's Pintokyo Games, a game studio, where he is currently working as a Designer and Developer.


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